Standards for Domestic Swim School Membership include:

  • Swim School Owner(s) are background checked
  • Background checks are performed on all staff over 18
  • At least one CPR/First Aid Certified individual is in the facility during hours of operation
  • Lifesaving equipment and first aid supplies are easily accessible and replenished as needed (equipment may include rescue tube or ring buoy; shepherd’s crook or reaching pole; spineboard; automated external defibrillator; gloves; breathing masks)
  • No more than 1 to 6 ratio for beginner or intermediate swim lessons when parent is not present in the water (recommend 1 to 4 ratio or less)
  • An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) has been developed to meet the needs of your swim school
  • Instructors receive formal training* that should include first aid, proper supervision during swim lessons, bloodborne pathogens, abuse prevention, emergency action plans, reducing fear & anxiety, child development related to teaching swim and the importance of a positive learning environment
  • Provide proof of insurance for learn to swim program

Current members have until their 2022 renewal to reach these standards. New members have up to one year from joining to reach these standards. USSSA offers support and services to assist a swim school in reaching these standards. Contact our office for details.


*Formal learning is learning that is delivered in a systematic intentional way. It’s planned and guided by an instructor/trainer.