Our goal at WaterSprites is to help families raise healthier, safer, smarter kids through swimming. Healthier: When fighting childhood obesity, it’s never too early to establish good habits. At WaterSprites, you won’t find bored children sitting on a wall waiting their turn. We believe that a good workout is one of the benefits of swim class. With the program’s roots grounded in Olympic swimming, we know how to keep kids engaged and moving. These are skills that last a lifetime. The water is always an option even when you’re 90 years old. Safer: While we absolutely never feel that any child is water safe, we think the best way to prevent accidents is through knowledge. For kids, this means understanding how to swim and teaching them basic water safety. But we also realize the importance of teaching parents as well. WaterSprites supports the Safer3 Foundation. Smarter: For babies, swimming class has been proven to increase IQ, confidence, and independence. For older children, we believe that turn taking, listening skills, teamwork, respect, goal setting are all valuable life skills that we practice every day.