Sun Country Splash’s mission is to promote water safety and a lifelong love of swimming by teaching high-quality swim classes in a fun, safe and encouraging environment. At Sun Country Splash we do not “just give swim lessons�. While teaching children to swim is one of our goals, we are steadfast in our commitment to the physical, emotional and psychological enhancement of children. In addition, we believe that a child’s swim lesson or water orientation requires the involvement and education of the parent or responsible adult who is accompanying the child. We will communicate with parents the goals, techniques, expectations and risks of the instruction. Behind every safe child is a vigilant parent! We offer a positive, happy and secure environment which provides for children’s social, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth. Learning is individualized based on each child’s capabilities. Here, aquatic safety and aquatic enjoyment can, eventually, become second nature. Our instructors are caring and loving teachers with training and experience in swimming instruction. We firmly believe that the consistent reinforcement of our year-round, one-day a week lessons builds success, confidence and smiles. And yes, we do believe that children as young as six months can have a positive introduction to an aquatic environment. Our beliefs are founded in our program’s simple steps and firm building blocks which are keys to creating comfortable swimmers. All of our swim classes have a low student to teacher ratio for maximum attention.