Patti’s Swim School uses the Red Cross Water Safety curriculum to structure lessons. Tried and true, this curriculum incorporates all levels of instruction, from water adaptation to the skills needed to become lifeguard certified.

Patti and management specifically trains each of her instructors on how to effectively and efficiently facilitate this curriculum. It is critical that all students feel safe and secure at all times while they rapidly gain their new swimming skills. We begin by teaching water adaptation and the correct techniques for kicking, floating and arm strokes.

The Red Cross skills are designed to build on themselves as each level is mastered. When students have completed all levels of instruction at Patti’s Swim School, they will be accomplished in six essential strokes:

Freestyle | Traditional Backstroke | Elementary Backstroke | Breaststroke | Sidestroke | Butterfly

In addition to this traditional set of skills, we teach the importance of open water safety and survival. All students who have completed our program will be strong at treading water, demonstrating swimming endurance, and knowing the safety strokes.

All students will also be taught to dive. We begin with the kneeling dive and progress to teach standing, shallow, and racing dives.

Flip turns and swim team techniques are taught at advanced levels. Proper form is emphasized throughout the program as learning to swim properly is a skill for life and makes students who participate on a swim team fast. Our swimmers our always the fastest and youngest to compete in the area.

All of Patti’s instructors mix fun into their lessons. Our goal is to have students look forward to their swim lessons!