Leahi Swim School is a “family-style� business in every sense of the word. A wholly owned and operated company, the school is captained by the dynamic mother-and-son duo of Lori and Ben Komer. As co-owners of Leahi Swim School, Lori and Ben bring a strong sense of ‘ohana and teamwork to the school.

Today Leahi continues to serve Hawaii’s families from two locations on Oahu.

The school has continued to grow, with many former students now teaching classes, as well as some of its former teachers returning to enroll their own children. Yet despite this success, it has always been important to both Lori and Ben to keep the culture of the company true to Leahi’s family-style roots. That’s why Leahi accepts students of all ages, including parents and even grandparents. It’s a great way for families to enjoy and participate in the experience together.