K & K Swim School started off with a philosophy brought from Montreal in the Fall of 2014. This program has taken over a decade to take shape and nearly perfect. With all of the awesome and not so awesome experiences, K & K Swim School has been born and made into something amazing. To think that we started teaching lessons with swim bubbles, noodles and flotation devices 10 years ago is astounding, knowing that we teach children to swim independently without the use of aids in all of our classes. We focus on the safety aspect of learning to swim, growing our swimmers with strong stamina and independence while having fun, allowing them to love and respect the water. Our main mission is to get every child at our locations to learn how to swim as efficiently as possible. Easy? Not really. We expect a full team effort with our students and their families. Communication with everyone needs to be strong at all times. Working with so many different personalities, behaviours, disabilities, levels and ages means our instructor’s and management need to be as adaptable as possible. Because fear is a huge obstacle for our swimmers, our instructors are trained to push limits and challenge our students emotionally and physically. The relationships we have with our swimmers, stay with us forever. We never take for granted the bond we have made with each them.