We are experienced professionals. W​e believe that our experience with teaching swimming to thousands of students gives us a vast knowledge base to understand how to read a variety of students. Jamie’s School of Fish has developed a progress band system that will help students stay motivated and help parents to easily track the swimming progress.  We treat every student as an unique individual. We believe that because every student is uniquely different that every student must be read differently and handled differently by our instructors. We do not used a “canned” approach to teaching swimming. Our instructors our hand picked to work with children well and then taught to teach each student uniquely. The instructor is expected to grow and find new ways to teach basic fundamentals of swimming to their students. ​ We believe that smaller classes are more effective for younger students and larger group classes can be effective for older students. W​e believe that large groups for younger students, ages 2 to 3, are less effective based on our years of experience. If beginner students get older, they are able to handle larger class formats, depending on their personality and prior experience with the water. We group our classes by age and level experience. A two-year-old can be in 30-minute Toddler and Me class or in a 20-minute PRIVATE class. A 3-year-old can be placed in 20-minute PRIVATE and a 4-year-old can be placed in our 30-minute GROUP with 2 other students.  We believe that swimming should be enjoyable experience for students, but at the same time, a reasonably challenging experience. It is in that balance that we find students finishing our program knowing how to swim independently but enjoying it in the process.  We believe swimming is a process, but that underwater experience shouldn’t be avoided indefinitely based the child’s choice. We instead use strategies that help students work through their discomfort of the underwater experience with the safe guidance of our instructors.