Happy Fish understands that learning to swim takes consistency, time, and a solid progression of learning new skills. Happy Fish has a logical progression that closely follows the American Red Cross Learn to Swim program and rewards kids with fun, colorful ribbons as they pass certain skills throughout the program. Students will be rewarded a ribbon upon completion of a “Passing Skill(s)� at the end of each level that uses a combination of skills in that level. Students will always have a next logical step to work towards and an encouraging instructor to help get them there. Parents can request a progress report at anytime from their child’s teacher outlining student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to get a better idea of what their child is learning and how long it might take to accomplish their level.
Happy Fish offers 30-minute classes once or twice a week (seven days week) with a friendly, well-qualified teacher who will help your child learn to swim in a safe, non-threatening environment. Students will be assigned to a class with students of similar abilities and work together with their instructor to accomplish certain skills. When a student shows proficiency in a level, he or she will be awarded a ribbon and start working towards the next goal. There is a monthly fee that can be paid automatically with a credit card kept on file or manually in person at Happy Fish. Learning-to-Swim just got easier.