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We’re committed to our reputation as a swim school of the highest quality. We offer a modern alternative to traditional large group, summer swim lessons to make your child learn faster and have more fun. We have indoor classes year-round, and you can start any week of the year.

To provide easy scheduling,* call us the week before you would like to start lessons to find the best level, class, and weekly time for your child; classes are once-weekly for 30 minutes. Once you start, we ask that you commit to at least two full months of lessons because we want you to see a substantial improvement in your child’s skills and, more importantly, we want your child to retain the skills he learns.

Payments are made easy from the start with monthly automatic payments taken from a credit card kept safely on file. After that initial enrollment, you never have to re-register; we will hold your child’s spot until you ask for a schedule change, your child graduates into the next level, or you need to take a break.

One of the best things about our open enrollment scheduling is that your child can move up throughout our nine levels as soon as he/she is ready; we will never restrict your child’s learning because of age or time spent in a class. We love our advanced classes with four and five year-olds swimming the butterfly stroke!

Learning to swim does take time. It is a complex, but life-saving skill, and it is always worth learning. We promise to make the process easy for you and fun for your child.