At Charlotte Aquatics, we have been teaching swim lessons to children and adults since 1996. We provide lessons by the best instructors who have a gift for teaching all ages. This creates a love for swimming, promotes water safety, and encourages positive character development. Through our Swim Like A Fish program, we make your children safer, healthier, and smarter!â„¢

We are committed to consistently striving for excellence in instruction, safety and the Charlotte Aquatics experience.

Our belief at Charlotte Aquatics is that teaching children to swim and to be safer in and around the water is absolutely essential for every child. Within our child-focused environment we develop a foundation for success. Learning occurs by continually building upon new skills learned through each level – each of which serves as a building block to the next. As children progress through our program, they develop skills, build confidence, and become safer and smarter all while learning the importance of goal setting and achievement through swimming. We teach skills in a progressive manner through games, songs, humor, positive communication, goal setting, praise, and developmentally appropriate skill activities.

Learning to swim can be one of the most rewarding experiences of childhood and can lead to a life time of aquatic enjoyment. Being comfortable and confident in the water allows children to participate in water sports, play at water parks, surf and ski, enjoy boating and scuba diving, and a host of other activities. Learning to swim enables children to be physically active and can lead to a lifetime of health and wellness. With us, children grow from learning to blow bubbles into confident, competent, and safe swimmers