Founded in 2013, Atlantis Swim Academy (ASA) has offered quality and personalized instruction to each and every one of our students since its foundation. From Parent & Me classes to pre-team and accelerated swim lessons,Atlantis Swim Academy strives to offer the highest quality instruction possible. This is one of the reasons that ASA is proud to be a member of the United States Swim School Association.

As a member the United States Swim School Association we take our job of teaching all ages and abilities very seriously. Swimming is not a skill that can be learned over-night. It is a skill that takes practice and true dedication. ASA is a family owned business that takes dedication to the next level. Our staff is dedicated to each family that walks in. We hold a responsibility for teaching your children, friends, and family the importance of water safety and proper technique.

Not only is ASA a family owned and operated business, it is also a part of something bigger. We are the sister school to Elite Gymnastics Academy. This partnership allows our families to be interconnected and enjoy more than just one sport. It encourages students to try something new and reach beyond their comfort zones to a passion they have never had before.

We think of you as part of our family and we enjoy seeing you each time you stop by to see us. It is exciting to see the kids grow up and take on new challenges whether it’s in the water learning a new stroke or that next step in school. We are there every step of the way, growing with your children.