Nikki Miller, a SCV resident, is the founder and director of the Academy Swim Club here in our beautiful valley. She and her husband, Jim, have dedicated their lives to saving the lives of others. In 1994, upon returning from a lunch date and after the babysitter had left, they saw wet clothes and vomit on the deck of their spa. Apparently, their 1 year old had crawled into the spa while the babysitter was inside the house on the phone. Their 4 year old swimmer, unable to reach him or stand on the bottom of the spa, jumped in and pulled his brother from the spa alone, saving his life, but only after much water ingestion. Since then, both Nikki & Jim have decided that water safety education would be a big part of their lives, doing whatever they could to help prevent these tragic events from occurring. Santa Clarita Swim Club opened as a year round Aquatic Facility in September 1998, after thirteen years of operation here in the SCV as the seasonal Tadpool Swimschool. Academy Swim Club opened in 2004 as a more centrally located, state of the art, private facility to fullfill the needs of the community and become the Best Swim School in the Santa Clarita Valley. Nikki has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and is a licensed psychotherapist, as well as a past Registered International Supervisor of Child Play Therapists. Nikki has spoken at the World Aquatic Babies Congress in both Australia (in 1995) and Mexico ( in 1997). She is a past Board Member of the United States Swim School Association, a certified Master Instructor of Infant Aquatics, and is currently the past Chairperson of the USSSA Learn-to-Swim Course Committee. She is an annual guest speaker at the United States Swim School Association and at other professional venues throughout the country. Nikki was a Collegiate diver, a High School Swim/Diving Coach and has taught young children to swim since 1976.