At the United States Swim School Association our vision is lifelong safety, health and enjoyment of the water for all through quality aquatic education. With safety being one of our key values, we work to incorporate safety into the fabric of USSSA.

One way we live this value is by requiring all member school owners to submit to a background check. With this screening, owners also receive an online training course on abuse prevention to arm them with the knowledge needed to identify signs of abuse and learn how to help in emergency situations. Our members are committed to C.A.R.E. for their staff and swim families.


NCSI, owned by SportsEngine, conducts the background screening for USSSA owner members. NCSI delivers the “Gold Standard” in protecting athletes, volunteers and organizations by thoroughly investigating all screening subjects through a variety of search parameters. NCSI is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association by meeting a strict and thorough set of professional standards of specified requirements and measurements.


USSSA members looking for more information our background screening process can find it here.