Safer 3 Water Safety Challenge

by Lauren Bordages | Safer 3

safer3Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation was thrilled with the number of swim schools that held a Safer 3 Water Safety Challenge during 2015. Schools from all around the U.S. participated in the program with much success! We love the feedback of how schools incorporated the versatility of the Safety Challenge program. While some swim schools added the elements of the program into swim lessons, other schools held ‘open house’ type events for more than 350 people. No matter the type of event, the program challenges each participant to perform 12 water safety skills, from demonstrating a 30-second back float to swimming one-mile.

The Safer 3 Water Safety Challenge is a critical program to hold as a 2015 Red Cross survey found that 61% of children, including more than half of all teens, can’t perform basic swim safety skills. The survey found that nearly all parents (94%) expect that their children will engage in some sort of water activity during the summer months. However, nearly two-thirds (61%) of these parents report that their child cannot demonstrate all five basic skills that could save their lives in the water. Of these, 65% are parents of children (ages 4-12) and 51% are parents of teens (ages 13-17).

For those of you who have held a Safer 3 Water Safety Challenge, we encourage you to continue holding the event as you are providing a great resource for your community. For those of you who have not yet held a Challenge, we invite you to learn more by visiting our website and downloading the free Water Safety Challenge resources. Our materials have recently been updated and are now even easier to use!

Need more information? Email us at or call us at 949-874-7567. We are here to help you achieve a successful Water Safety Challenge event!