Dear Parents:


We at               Swim School understand that you are eager for your child to be safe in the water. You want your child to enjoy lessons, have fun swimming, and you would like to feel assured that s/he is safe swimming in social situations.


These are all things we want for your child as well. We consider it our job to provide quality lessons of value and success.


Please understand that learning to swim is a developmental process, like learning to walk. Your child needs time and practice to pass through the various stages of learning to swim.


Please give your child time to learn to swim at his own pace, a pace  that will allow his learning to stick with him for a lifetime. Please do not put a short time limit on learning or expect that he’ll be swimming in two weeks, in time for your vacation. Your child needs time to embody the basics, one careful step at a time.


We work in partnership with parents to bring a young swimmer from uncertainty in water to comfort and confidence and finally to skill and good judgment. We ask that you trust our training, experience and our system. We hope you will avail yourself of opportunities to play in the water with your child as this will reinforce your child’s water learning.


If you would like to be a better swimmer yourself, please call us at

                  so that we can schedule lessons for you.



Thank you,

In partnership to make your child a happy, safe and confident swimmer.


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