Maybe selling your business is the last thing on your mind, maybe it’s in the back of your mind, or maybe it’s the first thing on your mind when you arrive Monday morning and three staff members have called in sick. No matter where you are in your business life cycle, opportunities are best acted on when you operate like a company poised for action. Join HINGE Advisors Kathy Ligon and Nan Rikard for an eye-opening discussion on where you should be investing in your company now to maximize its value for the future.

1. Learn the four main ways to effectively grow your business: internal growth, acquisition, divestiture, and development.
2. Understand what factors determine the value of your business.
3. Discover what actions you can take now to maximize your school’s value.
4. Find out what you should start preparing now for a successful sale in the future.

Speaker: Kathy Ligon

Kathy Ligon is the Founder and CEO of HINGE Early Education Advisors. Trained as a public accountant, Kathy has a unique 35+ year background in educational operations. Early on, she directed growth management for a growing educational organization helping the company multiply from five to 125 sites operating in several states in the Southeast. In 2003, Kathy formed the early education advisory firm now known as HINGE Advisors where she and her team have successfully aided the sale of more than 200 school transactions.

Speaker: Nan Rikard

Nan Rikard is the founder and former owner of Big Blue Marble Academy (BBMA), one of the nation’s largest early education providers. She has spent her entire career in early care and education, forming BBMA to serve community-based early childhood care, after school programs and language enrichment programs. Now, Nan has joined HINGE as a Transaction Advisor and is focused on helping swim school owners gain maximum value for the businesses they’ve built, just as she did.

Date: January 11, 2023
Time – 9:00 am Pacific
Duration – 1 hour
Webinar fee:  FREE