Date:  March 15, 2023
Time: 5:00 pm Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
Webinar fee:  $75 ($20 off for USSSA members when you use the coupon code USSSA20OFFSAFETY)

Course Description:
For swim instructors, coaches & parents
Virtual Clinic led by Courtney Kline, Lifesaving Learn to Swim Trainer and founder of Swim4Life.
What you will Learn
  • The science behind transitioning from pool to open water
  • New and innovative learn-to-swim methodologies for the open water
  • Dive into how personal experiences impact the Transfer of Trust to water.
  • Real world training techniques that apply traditional swim skills to open water environments.
  • The future of Swim4Life’s research and development in the open water swim industry.
Why it Matters
When 74% of drownings happen in open water over the age of 5, we believe in taking a preventative approach to our swim lessons.
Who Will Benefit
Professional Swim Instructors
Swim Coaches at all levels
Parents of Young Swimmers
Adults looking to gain comfort in open water

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