Swimming is defined as independent propulsion through the water from point A to point B while being able to take breaths as needed.

To be a safer swimmer you need these BASIC skills:

  • to be able to enter the water safely
  • to get out of the water unassisted
  • to tread water or hold resting float with the ability to transition into forward movement
  • to be able to swim 25 yards independently while taking breaths as needed
  • to have the emotional level to adapt to different water situations
  • to have the understanding of important water safety rules such as kids always swim with adult supervision, never swim alone and wear life jackets in and around open water

These are basic guidelines and are not intended to be a final measure of swimming ability. There are a variety of factors that impact someone’s ability to swim such as environment, mental maturity and water temperature to name a few. Please consult with your swim school for recommendations on swimming abilities and lessons needed.

Thank you to task force members for contributing to this statement: Kara Cassidy, Florida Swim School; Bob Hubbard, Hubbard Family Swim School; Johnny Johnson, Blue Buoy Swim School; Melissa Taylor, Small Fish Big Fish.