There has been a lot of debate right now about the reopening of public and private schools for kids. This is not the place to debate the options and shoulds here, but we do want to point out how swim schools differ from public schools.

In public schools students are in school for at least five hours a day, five days a week. | In most swim schools students are only in lessons for up to a half hour, once or twice a week.

In public schools large classes sizes are the norm, some as high as 30 students to a class. | Swim schools offer small class sizes with 1 to 4 students in most classes.

In public schools there are multiple surfaces and teaching tools needing disinfection. | In swim schools, when swimming, students and teaching tools are in chlorinated water that inactivates viruses.

In public schools there are multiple departments that would need to be reactivated such as bus and cafeteria services. | Swim schools offer focused class structure providing the best swim instruction for your student.

The swim school business is all about safety. Providing safety instruction in a carefully managed and safe environment is all we do, and even outside of COVID-19, we do everything and anything we possibly can to keep the children in our care safe. We are stewards of safety; it is in our DNA. Swim schools have in many cases gone above and beyond local and state guidelines to keep students and staff safe. Reach out swim schools in your area to learn more about the safety protocols they have in place.